Start of sales of aerial display type touch panel isolator

1. Introduction

In the manufacturing, testing, and research of pharmaceuticals and regenerative medical products that require aseptic conditions, preventing microbial contamination is crucial. However, managing invisible air and microorganisms is not an easy task. For instance, touch panel operations during regular operations pose a high risk of contamination propagation, a risk that is even more evident in the era of COVID-19.

Therefore, Airex has embarked on implementing an airborne display that enables touch operation in mid-air within isolators. With this solution, there is no direct contact with the touch panel. It is also designed to be compatible with hydrogen peroxide decontamination, allowing for installation inside the isolator. As a result, the inconveniences of constantly donning and removing gloves and performing touch panel operations externally can be eliminated.

Additionally, this technology can be applied to address touch panel fogging in powder manufacturing processes.

In this way, the airborne display can prevent unexpected microbial contamination during touch panel operations and enhance work efficiency. The standard size of the touch panel is 10.5 inches.

Start of sales of aerial display type touch panel isolator